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シリアル ATA は使えるか?

	From: 	  jmk@plan9.bell-labs.com
	Subject: 	Re: [9fans] Support for SATA hard drives.
	Date: 	2004年6月20日 15:12:59:JST
	To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu
	Reply-To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu

On Sun Jun 20 00:46:50 EDT 2004, vthacker@0xfe.org wrote:
Does anyone have a SATA hard drive working under Plan 9? I'm looking
forward to using a 250GB or larger SATA hard drive in a venti server.
I figure someone must have given this idea some thought, but I haven't
heard it discussed anywhere.

--Vester Thacker

The controllers look to all intents and purposes just like regular ATA
controllers (unless you want to initialise them from scratch), so there's
not much to do other than make sure the controller is recognised by the
driver. There's one there alraeady:

devi% grep SATA /sys/src/9/pc/sdata.c
		case (0x3149<<16)|0x1106:	/* VIA VT8237 SATA/RAID */

and it has on it

devi# cat /dev/sdC0/ctl
inquiry ST380013AS
config 0C5A capabilities 2F00 dma 00550040 dmactl 00550040 rwm 16 rwmctl 0 lba48always off
geometry 156301488 512 16383 16 63
part data 0 156301488

ATA password

	From: 	  ralph@inputplus.co.uk
	Subject: 	Re: [9fans] ISP filtering - update (fwd)
	Date: 	2005年5月8日 23:07:52:JST
	To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu
	Reply-To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu

[Replace this with your comments.]

From: Ralph Corderoy <ralph@inputplus.co.uk>
Date: 2005年4月25日 17:59:53:JST
Subject: Re: [9fans] ISP filtering - update


Presotto wrote:
I wrote:
What I don't understand is why the worms don't trigger some harm at
some point in the future, like setting the hard drive password to a
random string.  Requiring the `master' password from the drive
manufacturer or OEM would cause enourmous amounts of hassle.  The
worm would have meanwhile re-produced elsewhere so its not `shooting
itself in the head'.

I didn't even realize that there were hardware enforced passwords on
disks.  I just looked up ata specs and found a whole slew of security
cruft I never knew about.  Thanks.

c't have recently published an article covering the potential misuse of
the ATA security functions so perhaps we'll start seeing some exploits
of it now.




	From: 	  ralph@inputplus.co.uk
	Subject: 	Re: [9fans] writing code
	Date: 	2005年5月9日 1:15:25:JST
	To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu
	Reply-To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu

Tim Newsham wrote:
i think it's realistic.  a boot cd would get you the same access.
if you get physical machine access, you win.  typing a password to
authenticate to the local system gives you the feeling of security,
not actual security.

To prevent this you either need to prevent someone from booting (ie.
bios password and hope they dont go through the trouble of yanking the
drive or resetting the bios) or you need to protect the disk (after
all thats probably what they want to get at after they log in, not
network access or the gui).

The ATA spec. has passwords that are stored in the hard drive unit.  The
password must be given before the drive will respond with anything
useful.  It isn't a BIOS password so moving the drive doesn't help.
Forgetting the password is a pain;  there's a `master' one known to the
manufacturer but that just lets you re-format the drive if you can
persuade them, e.g. Dell, to give it to you.



ATA パスワード付きのハードディスクは持ちたくないね。売りに出すんだったら、パスワードをキャンセルできるディップスイッチのようなものを付けて欲しいね。