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USB に関する質問


現在使えるものはノニュアル usb(4) を見てください。usb(4) によると


USB keyboard は使えるか?

	From: 	  nemo@lsub.org
	Subject: 	[9fans] usb keyboard (usbhid)
	Date: 	2004年3月22日 20:17:19:JST
	To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu
	Reply-To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu

This program changed one more time. I hope
it's the last time it happens.

I changed it to send scan codes from the usb keyboard
to the kernel. After considering all the alternatives,
the more simple and clean way was to remove all keymap
processing from usbhid and let the kernel do that (now that
the std one does it).

Thus, the usbhid thing stands now as follows:
	- the usr-level program handles usb mouse/kbd.
	- it feeds mouse / keyboard events through /dev files
	- a pc/devkbdin.c provides /dev/kbdin for that purpose
	- keymap, Latin composition, etc. are all handled by the kernel
	 using devkbmap.

I have pushed the changes to /n/sources/nemo.


USB ディスクは使えるか?


使える。(MB に依存する)

	From: 	  vdharani@infernopark.com
	Subject: 	Re: [9fans] using dvd/rw as WORM drive for venti on USB interface
	Date: 	2004年6月21日 15:10:47:JST
	To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu
	Reply-To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu

does anyone have any hints they can give about how to config
and use a usb interface to drive this kind of mass storage
device under plan9?
as far as i know, usb mass storage devices are not supported in plan 9 yet.