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XP boot from Plan 9

	From: 	  russcox@gmail.com
	Subject: 	Re: [9fans] XP boot
	Date: 	2005年2月2日 9:12:15:JST
	To: 	  9fans@cse.psu.edu
	Reply-To: 	  russcox@gmail.com, 9fans@cse.psu.edu

see /bin/pc/bootwinnt.  it works for xp.

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005 00:59:50 +0100, boyd, rounin <boyd@insultant.net> wrote:
rather than do some something irresponsible, i was wondering
if anyone knew the XP tweaking to do to get XP to have a
boot menu so i couid could boot XP or p9 off IDE.

i did an ISO text only install.

for extra points i have a 1280x800x32 ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9200 wxga card.

MGRS 31U DQ 52572 12604