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lr is a compliment of ls.
lr lists directories recursively.

usage: lr [-flQpqinaL] [-d depth] [-t time]  path ...

you might think that it is better the path parts can be omitted.
but I don't think so.
because the output of lr can be huge. we must be caeful to use this command.

NOTE: ver.2.2
added -p option

NOTE: ver.2.1
added -f option

NOTE: ver.2.0
more support to unix.
added -L option that instruct to follow links.

NOTE: ver.1.4
added -q option that shows qid.

NOTE: ver.1.3
added ISO-8601 like date style such as
	2013-05-30 06:16:58
is added with the option -i.
default date style is such as
	2003/07/30 06:35:53
that is familiar to us japanese.
I hate the traditional date format that is seen in /bin/ls.

note on options

list only files

long format. the date style is japanese style such as:
	2003/07/30 06:35:53

show date using iso-8601 style such as
	2013-05-30 06:16:58

show date using unix epoch

-d depth:
search directory depth (positive integer)

-D depth: search directory of depth (depth >= 0)

in long format, lr print path name using quote if space is in the name.
the option disables this feature and instead TAB is used as field separator.

shows qid. the examples are:
00000000000c3f81 00035 00 lr.c
00000000000c3f81 00035 00 --rw-r--r-- arisawa  arisawa        5375 2013/07/20 09:12:02 lr.c

-t time:
list only files modified since given time (seconds since unix epoch).

-at time:
list only files accessed since given time (seconds since unix epoch).

-L: follow links (for unix)

-p: show only path elemnts followed given arguments

Kenji Arisawa
E-mail: arisawa@aichi-u.ac.jp


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