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cwfs.tgz (for /sys/src/cmd/cwfs/)
2014/08/17	# bug fix. some lines have slipped off in updating
2014/08/10	# bug fix, thanks cinap
2014/08/08	# amd64 support

    enables to set dumptime variable in plan9.ini so that you can set dump time (default 5)
    enable some commands to administrate cwfs



Note that this value means GMT if timezone variable is absent.
If you want the time for Japan
	timezone=JST 32400 JST 32400
You might think timezone variable in plan9.ini is ugly
and think cwfs should get timezone info from /adm/timezone/local.
I agree.
Probably timezone variable is not needed.
dumptime is enough.

New or modified administrating commands:

    allow [user]
    auth [option] # option is either enable or disable
    attach [option] # option is either enable or disable
    none [option] # option is either enable or disable
    cwcmd autodump [option] # option is 0 or 1
    noauth, noattach and nonone are left untouched for compatibility

You can enter the console by the command:

	con -C /srv/cwfs.cmd

Hit ctrl-\ and CR and then 'q' to exit console.

Note: you can find the changes by my signature "Kenar"


contents: cwfs with some extensions
original contents: cwfs by Geoff
the current version is based on 9front cwfs (2014/06/27).
source: /sys/src/cmd/cwfs (plan9 and 9front)
source: http://p9.nyx.link/netlib/
Kenji Arisawa