Section 41: GUI calculator by Y.Suzuki

Our student Mr. Yoshitatsu Suzuki wrote two kinds of gui calculator for his excercize of graphics programming. The first (calc1.tgz) is written in a conventional manner of event driven programming, which was his first attemt and written about a year ago.

The second (calc2.tgz) is written new using Rob's control(2) and thread(2) libraries, which means it proposes a new style of GUI programming for Plan 9, i.e. concurrent programming. This includes a new proposal of user interface for Plan 9 which was proposed by K.Okamoto, and will replace so-called pull-down menu for Plan 9. It is a preliminary and so very limited implementation in this case. However, you can use left, middle or right button as such in acme. This new calc uses bc(1) for calculation itself, therefore, you can also enter bc(1) command directly into the blue window after focusing that window.

You can reach Yoshitatsu through

ここには二つのプログラムが置いてあります。一つは(calc1.tgz)従来の 方法で書かれたGUI calcでevent.hを用います。もう一つ(calc2.tgz)はRob Pike氏によるcontrol(2)ライブラリを用いconcurrent programmingスタイルで 書かれたものです。こちらの方には実験的に私が提案したpull-down menuに代わる新しいいユーザインタフェースの提案を含んでいます。これは pull-down menuと違って3ボタンマウス用にメニュを再構成するものです。 どちらもうちの大学院生の鈴木嘉尚君の作品です。彼のメールアドレスはです。

                               Kenji Okamoto  July 9, 2001

Take calc1.tgz from here.

Take calc2.tgz from here.